Proofreading Service


We have a lifelong love of books, and our goal is to help all the authors who come to us polish their work to near perfection, at an affordable price.


  • punctuation errors
  • spelling errors
  • grammatical errors
  • typographical errors and inconsistencies
  • errors in consistency and appropriateness of verb usage


$30 (proofreading for one book)


Order now:

*send the payment to the paypal address

*email your book file to


If your books are not ready for proofreading, you can pre-order. Pay now and submit the books whenever you are ready. 

Box sets and collections are not included in the offer. 


Delivery time:

  • 7 Days



Proofreading Subscription

If you want to get a better deal on proofreading, please check our Monthly Proofreading Subscription Service.

Click here to subscribe:


*Proofreading for one book per month  $10
*Proofreading for 2 books per month     $20
*Proofreading for 3 books per month     $30

Once you subscribe, please send an email to