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Killer Cocktail


When you catch your husband in bed with your BFF, you clean out his bank accounts and jump on the first available cruise ship. That’s right, isn’t it?

Patricia Fisher’s unconventional response kick starts the adventure of a lifetime as she throws off the shroud of her unfulfilling marriage and discovers the woman she ought to be hiding beneath.

Killer Cocktail is a short story introduction to a unique cozy mystery series full of interesting characters and unsolvable crimes.

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Sold to the Billionaire Brothers


It’s supposed to be a month of good time, right?

A few minutes later, I am asked “Are you ready to meet your ‘masters’ for the month?”

Did he just say ‘masters?’

Well, this is going to be a REAL good time!

But one month later…

I am pregnant, and I don’t know which one of the billionaire brothers is the father!

How am I going to handle that now?

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Wolf Nights: Werewolves, Kickass Heroines, & Sizzling Romance


Wolf Nights includes:

Wolf’s Bane by Aimee Easterling — In a world where different is dangerous, a fox shifter teams up with her greatest enemy to put food on her sister’s plate.

Desert Hunt by Anna Lowe — Strictly off limits or destined mates? Rae has a secret she will guard with her life, but she’s forced to trust Zack, a coyote shifter from the wrong side of the tracks.

The Necromancer’s Betrayal by Becca Andre — Elysia doesn’t want to be a practicing necromancer. But when she accidentally soul-binds an undead shifter of incredible power, she must embrace all that she is to save him from her brethren.

Savage Surrender by Ellis Leigh — Two kidnapped women, one dangerous soldier about to come face-to-face with fate, and a monster set on destroying everything in its path. There’s no escaping a Dire Wolf on the hunt…for his mate.

Digging the Wolf by Steffanie Holmes — A mystery on an archaeological dig, a broken heroine burying her past, and a hero so hot he’ll have you howling for more.

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From Cellar to Throne


All the martial artists wanted was to earn a spot in history.
Some blended in the crowd, and some didn’t. Some worked their way to the top and some became nothing but heaps of dust on the ground. Some were born into riches and jewels, and some were born with nothing but a strong mind and a great talent, like Zen Luo.
However, when he saw just how unfair the world was, he couldn’t stay put and set out on a journey towards greatness, with only two goals in mind: To witness the world from the very peak of martial arts and to provide a safe and happy future to the people he cared about.

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