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The moment a reader’s eyes stray from your book cover they immediately fall on your blurb. The blurb is the spark that entices the reader to actually pop open your book and get lost within. If their eyes leave a beautiful cover only to fall on a bland blurb, you’ve certainly lost that reader forever.

Generate instant interest with a well-crafted blurb that’s designed to slowly pull in the reader with each sentence. By the time they get to the last word, they’ll be salivating for what’s inside your book.

Capture your reader’s attention and leave an impression, telling your story through the right combination of words, description, and emotion. Get a book blurb that sells your story.

Sales-orientated copy

Blurbs don’t just describe the story, they clarify the emotional journey a reader can expect (without giving too much away).

Rigorous review

Your final blurb will be edited and reviewed thoroughly so you can publish it with confidence.

The perfect length

Not too long and not too short, your blurb will be the perfect length for online and print use.