Throwback & Backlash: Love, Lust & Murder Series


LIKE A BLAST FROM A DOUBLE-BARRELED SHOTGUN, TWO HARD NOIR LA NOVELS IN ONE BLOOD–STAINED VOLUME: THROWBACK & BACKLASH. Love, Lust & Murder Series. Ménage as pressure cooker about to boil over: when Fred falls for married Marge, whose husband Frank is a bounty hunter . . . and Fred’s boss. Marge can’t leave her husband, not if she wants his life insurance money, and her lover Fred doesn’t see himself as a murderer. Her scheme to make Frank’s death look job-related seems like the perfect plan. But murder is best served neat, and lust and greed make for a potent cocktail that’s liable to combust. Soon the concoction begins to spiral out of control, when Fred proves he’ll do anything for love and money.

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