Some very strange things are taking place at the New Pueblo Funeral Home…
War vet Ray Zook, a PTSD afflicted former grunt, is about to regret that he ever set foot in Tucson, Arizona.
All he wants is to gain the courage to face his inner-demons and somehow explain to the widow of his best friend what really happened to him during their stint in the military. But when Zook is mugged and takes a temporary job working the night-shift at a crematory run by a couple of unsavory employees, those plans get derailed.
After witnessing a series of disturbing incidents—like the shady “after hours” business taking place—that hurl him into an immoral world of grave robbing, coffin swapping, and even disappearing bodies, Zook finds himself caught in the middle of a twisted power-struggle to control ownership of the funeral home.
If Zook hopes to escape this utter mess with his sanity intact, he must rise above his fears and confront the dark deeds before he ends up back in the looney bin . . . for good this time.

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